Localization in translations for companies is becoming vitally important. In translating and localizing your services, you drastically improve your success rate in international markets, allowing more opportunity for business growth.

At Linguatower, our translation services include text and documents of all kind—such as medical documents, legal documents, financial documents and more!—along with manuals, handbooks, and educational materials. Technical or "niche" fields are our specialty. The more complex, the better! We are prepared to tackle the most intricate vocabularies in a large number of languages and dialects, including manufacturing, equipment, biosciences, chemicals, and even aerospace, in order to satisfy the requirements of our clients. We deliver optimal results.

Voice, Video & Audio:
Don't let your customers sit in silence. Make your voice and message heard. Our experts have numerous techniques to adapt video or audio tracks to other languages—including voiceovers, dubbing, narration, subtitles, closed captioning—with the finished products available in your choice of format. This is beneficial for multiple resources, such as safety videos, YouTube marketing videos, ads, and more! We can even provide production services through a sister company. Utilize our translation services for your next video or audio campaign.

Website translation:
Does your website have what it takes to capture the attention of audiences abroad? Our Linguatower experts speak the language of the foreign markets you target. Let us translate your website into one or several languages and generate international traffic. Translation allows non-English speakers to interact with your website; accommodating customers around the globe.