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  • One out of every five households speaks a language other than English within their home. This equates to nearly 50 million people with 20 million having no knowledge of English at all. In some cases, hospital patients with limited ability to speak or understand English need a translator, yet they do not have the resources available to them. Would you want to be in a hospital where no one can understand you? The medical risks derived from the inability to communicate can result in small mistakes as well as malpractice. While some may be minor, others can be life threatening. Language barriers are the last thing someone needs when they are trying to seek medical care, provide medical help, or understand their health condition. It's simple: people are willing to drive further to visit a medical provider that speaks their language.
  • Simply translating a medical document word for word won't do. Words can have different meanings or nuances in other languages. Medical translation requires an even higher degree of familiarity with medical jargon and healthcare procedures, which is why we use certified medical interpreters and translators only! Transcend your competitors and be the chief medical care provider people rely on with our revolutionary language services and solutions.