Industries We Serve

Marketing and Public Relations:
Marketing and Public Relations are all about making a message resonate with your audience. The harsh truth is people will not remember, let alone understand, your message if it is not delivered correctly. Translation and interpretation are crucial in these industries. When marketing materials, concepts, and websites are properly translated into the native language of the audience it is intended to reach, companies will yield better results and higher profits. Our commitment to excellence means we evaluate the specific requirements of your project and provide you with the right translations to ensure you see improved results.

Advertising localization:
Our experts are the masterminds of recreating advertising copy in other languages to enhance brand equity in specific markets. Your products, brands, slogans or documents cannot just be translated per word; they have to be “localized” in order to make sense in another region’s culture. At Linguatower, we make it our mission to train your employees to understand the cultural differences and translations for the overseas markets you are targeting. Let us help you internationalize your:
  • Packaging;
  • Marketing and Sales Literature;
  • Websites; and
  • Quality Training Programs